Civil/Urban Infrastructure

Lanarsy offering superior quality industrial and commercial building construction services across the globe. While constructing industrial and commercial buildings, we pay meticulous attention to diverse factors such as safety, surroundings and corporate look.

Lanarsy looks at every aspect making sure that the ambience is right for hotels, clubs, shopping malls, hospitals and schools and IT parks.These projects and many others were planned and executed with speed and efficiency. They adhere to international safety and quality standards. These structures are resistant to earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Creating high quality national infrastructure for transportation is one of the prime areas of operations. Across the country Lanarsy has executed several transportation projects such as Highways, Expressways and Runways. Strengthening and widening of roads constitute yet another major activity. Expertise also covers construction of race tracks/test tracks for high-speed motor sports requiring precision and specialized surface treatment.

Maintenance works for national and state highways are carried out using sophisticated equipment for resurfacing.We also builds world-class runways to international standard specifications..

Areas of Expertise