Power & Power Transmissions

Power is the key driver of infrastructure development.The Division mainly works for the development of power plants as well as the execution of Power transmissions in the Civil, Structural and Architectural works of Thermal and Hydro Power plants. The Division also participates in both Private & Public Sector Projects.Lanarsy is one of the leading companies in the execution of extra high voltage Transmission Lines and Rural Electrification solutions .We provide comprehensive Power Transmission and Distribution solutions.

The Power Transmission & Distribution Projects offers design, testing, fabrication, supply of materials, erection, stringing, testing, commissioning solutions and construction services for all types of industrial and project electrification works as well as for power transmission and distribution projects in the domestic markets. It also extends comprehensive services for construction of buildings and urban Infrastructure projects.

We provide our customers a rich experience with strong operator focus and they can rely on our latest project management tools, largest bank of construction equipment, and our capability to manage extensive labour to deliver a quality project.

Areas of Expertise

Technological advances are being used not only to increase efficiency and reliability, but also to give the clients the best service at the best price.

With Deregulation, competition, energy trading, Mergers and Acquisitions and other economic, Technological and Regulatory changes sweeping the Industry of Energy across the country, as your business partner will help in building out your Transmission and Distribution infrastructure that enables the operation of the systems seamlessly